empty diamond ring settingCrystals are an amazing gift of nature and can be used in your daily life to enhance the quality of living. For a very simple example you could use crystals for a peaceful sleep and awakening of intuition. This can have tremendous impact on your ability to achieve and also help you develop a knack of taking the right decisions.

The procedure to be followed is simple. Acquire a crystal, preferably a quartz crystal (i.e. the white crystal). Quartz is specially good for the crown chakra, the seat of spiritual learning and intuition. The crystal could be of any shape or size; it could be just a simple quartz tumble or pebble, pendant, faceted crystal, or an expensive gemstone like a diamond. Just follow your heart and pick the crystal which attracts you the most. Now cleanse the crystal and charge it, program it to give you a good sleep or to develop intuition.

Thereafter keep it under your pillow and start noticing the difference in the quality of your sleep. You will also notice how your intuition begins to tell you what to do and what not to do. It is almost like a divine guiding force.

There is an interesting story about a certain Mrs. Smith. It is said that she had virtually everything in life but she could not sleep well and for the life of her she could not think of a reason for this sleeplessness.

Then one day she found a shining transparent piece of stone near a river; that was a quartz crystal!! She was so fascinated with it that she spent a lot of time just looking at it, so much so that she took it to bed with her when she slept. And soon enough she noticed the changes.

She slept peacefully and woke up fresher. Not only this in her dreams she often saw some childhood events that were not particularly pleasant. But the crystal brought such thoughts to the surface of her consciousness during her sleep. This gradually allowed her mind to get rid of those unpleasant memories and emotions. As she continued to use the crystal her mind became full of creative and positive energy which really helped her at work.

And this is not just a story and lots of people have tried to use quartz for this purpose and have succeeded. If you try it, you can have the benefits too. Ideally the results start coming from third week onwards. Just keep talking to your crystal; tell it what you want and trust it!! And see the change in you and your life.

This is just one of the uses of crystal in your daily life. Try this while we let you on to more secrets!