gemstonesBirthstones have been used since time immemorial to wield powerful effect to the wearer. These gems coincide with the each birth month and are said to be effective when used by the person whose birthday is indicated by the birthstone. So, there are twelve known stones that as there are twelve months in a year.

There are also other gemstones known to be used as birthstones but for purposes of discussion, we are going to stick with the most common stones used.


Garnet is the stone for those born in January. This stone is said to embody trust and friendship.


February is represented by amethyst. This stone is purple or violet and is said to bring clear-headedness and quick wit.


For March, the aquamarine is the light blue stone that represents it. It is a stone that represents safety and is said to be a lucky charm for those going on a long journey.


The diamond is the stone that represents those born under April. Being the hardest mineral known to man, it is also the most expensive gem out in the market. It isn’t known for any real effect to the wearer but is said to be the most valuable gemstone known because of its market value and beauty.

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People who are born under the May month are represented by the emerald. This stone is known to promise foresight, youth, and good luck.


June births are represented by the pearl. There aren’t also clear therapeutic representations for the stone except the fact that it can be a good luck charm for the wearer born under the June month.

However, it should be a good reminder that the pearl can only give good luck to the wearer who buys the stone. Giving this stone as a gift can signify bad luck to the receiver.


July-born people are represented by the red stone, ruby. It is a stone that guarantees the wearer love, success, wealth, wisdom, and good health.


People who are born under August are represented by the peridot. Peridot is a green stone that can bring protection from bad dreams and nightmares. It is also a stone believed to give the wearer influence and a prosperous year.


Those born under the month of September are represented by the blue stone, sapphire. The stone is said to symbolize heaven and the blessings of heaven.


October-born individuals are represented by the opal. Opal is a stone that has a milky appearance that is seen in a myriad of colors. Being a stone that influences good luck for the person born under the October month, it is a stone that is considered bad luck for those who aren’t born under the said month.


For people born under November, citrine is a yellow stone that signifies healing and vitality. It is a stone that influences good health for the wearer.


December is represented by the turquoise. Being a stone commonly found in blue shades, the stone is said to ward off the evil eye. It is also a stone used in jewelry because of its beautiful blue color.